PyGo-Y: Switch windows with Launchy


PyGo-Y is a Launchy python plugin that activates open windows from Launchy. It’s a python remake of an old Launchy plugin called Go-Y.

A typical usage might look like this:


For more history, read:

Quick Tutorial

  • Install pygo-y
  • Restart Launchy
  • Rebuild the catalog
  • Bring up Launchy (Alt+Space)
  • Type “Go” or “Focus” and press <TAB>, then the window name you want to focus on


PyWebIndex requires the following:
  • Python 2.7
  • Launchy 2.5
  • PyLaunchy 0.9.0
There are two ways to install:
  1. Run the PyLaunchy installer
    • Unpack in <Launchy>\plugins\python
    • Unpack win32con.pyc in <Launchy>\plugins\lib
    • Unpack win32gui.pyd in <Launchy>\plugins\lib

Known Issues:

  • No switching to systray applications.