Installing pylaunchy

pylaunchy can be installed in several ways:

  1. Using an installer
  2. Using a binary package
  3. Using a source package


  • Download and install Python 2.7 from .
  • Make sure you have Launchy 2.5 and above

Using the installer (PyLaunchy-0.9.0.exe)

Download the latest setup file from the Downloads page, then run it and follow the instructions.

Note: The installer only unpacks the files in the Launchy directory and creates an uninstaller. If this is not desirable, you can use the manual method described below.

Manual/portable installation

  1. Download the installer (PyLaunchy-0.9.0.exe) and Inno Setup Unpacker.

  2. From command line, run -

    innounp -x PyLaunchy-0.9.0.exe

  3. Copy the contents of the generated {app} directory to the root Launchy directory. For example, if Launchy was installed in C:\Program Files\Launchy, copy the files to C:\Program Files\Launchy.

  4. After unpacking, the boost_python-vc80-mt-1_35.dll file should in the same directory as Launchy.exe.

Using the source package (

See the Building.txt file in the ZIP file.